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Creativity is the work that produces something new and valuable: products, services, businesses, theories, and breakthroughs. Creativity is the catalyst for innovation. There is no innovation without creative production.


Around the world, more than two-thirds of people believe that creativity is the key to economic growth. Yet only one in four people believe that they are living up to their creative potential.*


Asian businesses care about creativity. When Asian telecommunications giant Axiata created a program to develop future leaders, they focused on five core competencies: attitude, leadership, communications, critical thinking and creativity. The goal: to help students become all rounded individuals, with open enquiring minds, not just versed in academic knowledge.**


Creativity-International delivers creativity workshops to organizations around the world. Our master trainers can come to you, or, for an immersion in American creativity and culture, you can bring your group to the United States.

Join us for a four–day seminar on

Creativity & Change Leadership


Supercharge your creative ability in just 4 days!

Our program will teach the tools and methodologies to optimize innovation, giving leaders and future leaders a competitive advantage.

Your course of study:

Who is right for the program:

• Executives who are faced with strategic challenges in their organizations

• Directors, Managers, and Supervisors who want to empower their entire team with the tools to innovate

• Future leaders & people who want to gain a competitive edge

• Professors who want to gain an understanding of the theory and practice of creativity

• Students who want to set themselves apart before entering into the workforce.


Our curriculum stems from over 40 years of experience and evidence-based research.  We educate on aligning creativity with product development, strategic innovation, and enterprise innovation.

What you can expect:

Click here to see a sample program outline.

Empower Your Team to be Innovative

Gain a Personal Advantage with Your New Knowledge and Ability in Creativity

Drive Innovation, Making the Competition Less Relavant

Reduce Risk and Accellerate Innovation with a Repeatable Process

* Adobe State of Create Survey, 2012



The first two questions you might ask are: What is creativity? And, what place does creativity have in Asia?

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